Even though we have only lived here a few months, my husband and I are proud to call it home. The owners have kept up the place beautifully, they have become friends. We looked around for our new home and found the Good I'm Daze to instantly knew "This is it".

Brenda. B

This property is beautiful. The owner is a great lady and very easy to work with. There is even a wonderful hair dresser on site...Great place and is a must see.

Stephanie. L

My husband and I have lived here for over 2 years. We were the first ones here. We have watched this park grow and enjoyed all. The lawns are well maintained. Water paid for and garbage pick up all included. Our neighbors could not be any nicer. Living around others of the same age, is not having to explain what you're talking about. Like! How to dial a rotary phone. What a icebox is. Saves a lot of breath. This is a beautiful place very peaceful. All I can say is you will love it here.

Mariellen. S

Nice and quiet, everyone is friendly. The grounds are well groomed. Owners are nice and friendly, will help if needed. Close to town for all your shopping and medical needs. Very nice place to live. Check it out, you will be pleased.

Patricia. C

Nancy was my hairdresser for 20 + years. She is fabulous ! I moved to Utah and my hair and I miss her.

Cheri. S

My husband and I moved here in 2018. Having been born and raised in Houston, raised my children there, the thought of 'what am I gping to do in Polk County'. Well as it turns out, I have not missed Houston at all. I find there is plenty to occupy my time.
The atmosphere here is peaceful .
The neighbors are very nice. And the park owers are here on sight.
So should you need for anything.
We are very happy here.
Come check us out.

Mary. S